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The Dominion Roller Canary Association (DRCA) was incorporated on July 31, 1934 by way of a name change to our predecessor the "Canadian Roller Canary Association".
We are a "For Non Profit" Association and our main purpose is to advance and protect the breeding and showing of Roller Canaries. The DRCA has five members on its board of directors. Currently there are three Corporate Directors that hold positions in the DRCA Executive. These three executive officers are: The President, The Western Vice-President and the Eastern Vice-President. These three run the business of the Association, while the other two directors join with them in order to vote on such issues as constitutional change.

Since 1944, the DRCA has published The Dominion Roller Canary News, as a means of communicating with all in the fancy. In March of 2008, this publication changed from a monthly publication to a quarterly one. In the Fall of 2009, the DRCA announced that it could no longer cover its costs to publish printed versions of the News and the decision to publish the News online was made.
In February of 2010 the DRCA began to publish archives of printed versions of the News, for its subscribers to access online. The first online issue of the news will be issued in March of 2010.
The online version will be more economical for everyone.
A two year online subscription to the DRC News costs only $25.00, which allows full access to our online Member's Area. Along with your quarterly publication, the member's area also has an extensive collection of reading material in it's archives that members can either read online, print onto paper or download for future reference.

The DRCA is more than a news publication.
It is also an "umbrella organization", with three member clubs in Canada.
Since 1934, our clubs have paid annual affiliation dues of $25 in order to maintain their club status in good standing with the DRCA. Since each member of a club pays annual membership fees to their own club, they are automatically affiliated as a member in the DRCA organization. Annual club membership dues will vary from club to club, and are currently between $12.50 and $25 annually. Higher membership dues generally mean that there are more events being sponsored by the club.
All members of affiliated clubs in the DRCA must use the "DA" legband in order to show their birds. Only birds from officially recognized clubs outside the DRCA will be allowed to show birds at "Open Shows". All DA banded birds are automatically eligible for entry into any show at any one of the clubs affiliated with the DRCA.

All members of clubs within the DRCA must abide by the DRCA Constitution.
The DRCA Constitution acts as the means to apply certain standards. Our prime objective is to advance and protect the Roller Canary song. We strive hard to ensure that the quality of Roller song will not become contaminated by way of indiscriminate breeding practices. Because our prime objective is "SONG", all of us want the Roller song to either be maintained or to be improved. Right from the beginning, much planning took place in order to protect this song. This is why some of the methods we use today still haven't changed much-if at all; ever since they were first handed down to us. Protecting the inheritance we received from those early Roller Canary Masters is as vital today as it was in the beginning.

We protect pedigrees with the use of "closed" legbands that are inscribed with our "DA" initials. Since these leg bands will not fit on birds more than six days old, there is little chance for use by non-Roller breeders.
The song is also regulated. The twelve different tours that a Roller Canary sings are graded by qualified Judges at shows.
There is absolutely no way to fool an official show Judge. Rollers that do not perform the way they should will not score the points. In less than one second, any Judge will spot an oddball by observing such things as its song, its size or its unusual colour.
There are many rules and many standards. The show cages themselves are an example of this. There are some excellent reasons why they must be crafted to exact specifications. Imagine that you are a Judge and you recognize your friend's cage because it's the only one with the blue glass drinkers. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if you got caught by favoring him with a high score?
You will learn all these things in time if you belong to a club that has members willing to help guide you. Another way to keep up to date with things is to read the DRC News. Since this the official publication of the DRCA; it is where all club members keep themselves informed on all things currently happening in the fancy. Perhaps the most important information in the News is the show result, posted at the end of each season. This is where you really should look first if you are shopping for a good Roller. All of our top breeders strive to either improve or maintain their stock, so it makes sense that they will pay special attention to these show results also.

-Kent Donnelly
DRCA President

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