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This year, two of our largest clubs in the DRCA will held shows in Canada.
Each show was judged under a different point system and a different structure.
Contestants will did well by entering their birds under the song standard that best applied to them.
The Hamilton Club used the old 100 point "British" system.
The point structure and judging standard of this show favored "British" Glucke, (multi-tour) Rollers.

The second show was held in Montreal.
This was the first show that the CCNRQ of Montreal ever held.
In this show, the 3-6-9 (90 point maximum) International Standard; developed (by Dr Wolfe of Germany) in 1909, is used.
For this reason, those who enter their "Four Tour" Rollers will generally do better than those who enter their "Multitour" Rollers.
With more points awarded for the four primary tours, greater emphasis is placed on: Hollow Roll, Bass Roll, Hollow Bell, and Flute.

Unlike the 100 point system; all of the four tours must be sung before points for other tours are awarded.

Not too long ago, (only decades really) we had over a dozen clubs in the DRCA.
Hundreds of our members from all across Canada either shipped their birds or brought them in person to these annual shows.
There were almost as many contests as there were clubs and hundreds of prizes were awarded each year.
During that time, we experienced a significant population explosion in Canada.
While our country was growing, our "fancy" and the sport of contesting Rollers, suffered a long and steady decline.
By the year 2007, there was only one show remaining in Canada.
It was sponsored by the Hamilton Roller Canary Club and until 2007, it was held in Stoney Creek Ontario.
In 2008, this show moved to the Brampton Fairgrounds (Brampton Ontario), where it has been an annual event ever since.

After decades of witnessing the overall number of our number of members go through a steady decline; we have finally reached the bottom of the hill and for the past few years, the total number of members has stablilized.

Unlike the past, when there were more people who left us than those who joined; this year was the first one in over half a century that saw an end to the decline. Another thing that is interesting is that almost all of these new members are in a younger age group than before.

With more members comes the hope of having more shows.
Only two years ago, our new members in the Province of Quebec voiced such optimism.
They were determined to do all they could in order to one day hold their own show at home in Montreal.

We thank all those in the CCNRQ for making this show such a success.

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