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Kent Donnelly
Dominion Roller Canary Association
and Site Webmaster.

Registered Harzer Roller Canaries.

Direct From the World Cup and German Meisterschaft.

... And my personal  family of the:
"Kent Donnelly" Harz Roller

My First Harz
(A Notable Endeavor):
Prior to 2009, I had only the "British Glucke" Multi-Tour.
In 2009,  I began with one German Englemeyer.
Soon after, I experimented with a Bartels Harz from Germany.

My Anquez Harz Rollers
In 2010 I began with Harz Rollers from Judge Franck Anquez of club de Lomme, France.
From Anquez, I obtained various strains of Dentler, Butz, Schulz and Pieper.
Over the years, Anquez has consistantly won at many events and it is mainly for that reason many shipments have followed.
During 2016, my colleagues and I recieved another two shipments of Anquez which include half of his remaining breeding stock.
Today, my Harz Rollers are Primarily Anquez with another shipment of 20 reserved for 2017.
In my opinion, they are the highest quality possible.

My other Experiments
In 2014, I took the Meisterschaft championship table bird #114 and several others of Horst Wittman.
In 2015, I compared the German Harz and Dutch Harz with Anquez Harz of France.
For comparison I used #95 from a team of  COM Gold medalist -Franck Anquez with various Harz from COM Silver medalist Rachid Popal.
Due to a limited amount of Hollow Bell, my colleagues and I have since disposed of the Popal.
Due to their great ability to mimic song, I still keep a few Wittman.

My Pedigrees:
In 2014, I began with a computer program "ZooEasy" for record keeping.
I give many hours to comparing genealogy.
For this reason, all of my birds are paired, registered and pedigreed accurately.
I can e-mail PDF files of any birds you are interested in.
The ancestors can be traced to contests.

First Place Winner !!!
Canadian Harz Roller Championship Team

In the Video below, You can hear Judge David Bopp comment on their performance.

The 2011 Canadian Harz Roller Championship Team
MY 2011
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