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The Dominion Roller Canary (DRC) News

The Dominion Roller Canary News

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The DRC News.

After decades of decline in the fancy; our interest in Rollers remains.
We are the only publication in the World dedicated soley to this breed .
Due to the high cost of mailing; in 2009, we had to suspend subscriptions.

In 2012. we hope to resume publication again by mail.
Any notice of this will be announced on this page.

In the meanwhile:

Our subcribers remain dedicated to the Roller Canary.
The Executive body of the DRCA will continue to function.
The DRCA will resume all operations as normal.

Your previous subscription to the DRC News is still valid.
All previous subscribers still have acess our members area.
If you need help with logging in, please email.

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New members can subscribe here

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