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Marci Frost
DA # 13
Quality German Rollers
I have various Roller Canaries which came from offspring of other Canadian Breeders. After I began with Rodenback , and other mixed strains of Multi-Tour with Englemeyer, I gradually moved towards some of the Anquez offspring  from Kent Donnelly. The quality is very good.

One of my most valuable Roller canaries is a grandson of  Anquez #81 "Little Kack".   I have been a VRCS member of the DRCA since 2010 and have often sold my birds cheaper than anyone else. Since I do not actually own any of the original Harz imports, I do not qualify as a member of the new HRC anyway. For now, I am just happy to remain within the old DRCA. Thanks for watching and have a nice day.

Telephone: (604) 793-0899

45890 Chesterfield Ave
Chilliwack , BC V2P1M4

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