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Harz Roller Canada

Welcome to Harz Roller Canada
(Updated January 2018).
We are few in number and our standards are high.
Our mission is to maintain the highest quality of song possible from our birds.
We are the only club in canada that is exclusive to the Roller Canary.
All of our members are registered breeders with Internationally acclaimed Harz Edelrollers

We operate under the DRCA constitution as the only National Club within the DRCA .
Together we respecxt each other and together we make decisions.
Our Leg Bands
For 2017, our leg bands will continue to bear the initials DA.
They are of the same standard and color code as COM member nations.

None of our leg bands are disributed to anyone without a pedigreed stam.
In order to obtain one of our Harz Roller females, you must first become a club member.
There is no restriction on the number of registered males that can be sold to non-members.

Quality Control
Our birds are of the highest quality possible.
Many are from winners of the german Meisterschaft (DKB) as well as COM.
In order to maintain quality, we often loan or trade birds with each other.
Similarly, we agree to share pedigrees and all other information of our birds with each other.
Rather than become large with members, we wish to remain large with song quality.
If you would like to learn more of us and our birds, please visit each web page below:

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