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Other Song Canaries

All Breeds of Song Canaries are not Listed here

This page will only show breeds of Song canaries that are close cousins of the German Roller.
In order to have your club listed please contact us will the full particulars. We will provide a webpage for you below with any photos, descriptions, or external links that you provide.
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The American Singer Canary

The American Singer is part Roller and part Siskin.
It is a compromise between having enough colour from the Siskin bred Red Factor in order to appear attractive as well as enough song quality from the Roller in order to lessen high volume and strong choppy sounds.

The Malinois/ Waterslager

Of all song Canaries, this is the closest relative to the Roller. It's song is always soft and bubbly.
Unlike other song types, it has never been colour bred with the Red Hooded Siskin. For this reason, it does not produce a harsh chopping sound.
The Waterslager is also known as the Malinois.

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