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Roller Canary Jukebox

The Roller Canary Jukebox

Please be patient as the tunes load in the jukebox.

You can make a selection from the menu or just sit back and listen.
These tunes are all Golden oldies from a bygone era.
If you have been around long enough, you might still remember a few favorites of your own.

My favorite is the BRCC (1901) song tutorial; reproduced from an old worn vinyl record early in the last century.
Some others that I like were recorded by the Amsterdam Phono Club.
Yes friends, these recordings are especially rare classics indeed.
You can search the whole world for quality like this and still not find anything nearly comparable to this selection.
In fact, this might very likely be the only place in the world where you can find so many of your favorites, all  gathered into one complete collection like this. You can listen for hours and never get tired of hearing these wonderful songs.

I enjoy listening to these Roller tunes so much that I am sure you will want to do the same.
There might even be a tune or two amongst this collection that you have never heard before.
Also, I hope you will let your own Roller Canary join in and have a little sing along as you listen.

When you are finished, please remember to bookmark this page, so you and your roller can find us again.

Come back soon!

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